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I was tagged by :iconkneestocking96:

1. If you were in Smosh's food battle, what would be your weapon of choice?
- either a blueberry particle rifle or some asparagus throwing knives.

2. If you were a pony, what race would you be? (You're not allowed to say Alicorn)
-Unicorn, just look at Reverb. I do like changelings though.

3. Which theme song is this lyric from? ("He's the angriest gamer you've ever heard")
-AVGN theme obviously, ive watched every single episode.

4. Favourite video game?
-Right now its Mass Effect 3, playing the heck out of it.

5. Scott Pilgrim or Kick Ass?
-Scott Pilgrim. The music, The whacky fighting scenes and Gideon's pixel katana, nuff said.

6. What is your favourite movie?
-Pulp Fiction

7. What is your least favourite movie?
- A serbian film. - you know why...

8. Which fictional town would you most like to live in? (e.g. Ponyville, New New York, Springfield, etc.)
- Whatever place God only knows (anime) is in

9. Angry Video Game Nerd or Nostalgia Critic?
- Nostalgia critic is great, but AVGN was the first youtube channel i subscribed to. I re-watch James' stuff even today

10. Worst game you've ever played?
-Cogs. Im not a fan of puzzle games

Not gonna tag anyone~ cba~


SirReverb's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Hello there! :3 I love my bass and wubs, and i love blueberries. I'm a positive, energetic, persistent guy who just so happens to be a brony /) brohoof anyone? Im more than happy to listen to mostly anyone who wants a chat. More often than not ill be online, so don't be shy to message me :D

Please go check out my wonderful girlfriend's art. Shes ever so talented! Love you milady! :heart: :iconshowtimeandcoal:

While youre at it, go check out her lil sis. :iconfluffysnail:

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I got a PS3 a few days ago ^^
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